The Top 10 Pizza Toppings

The Top 10 Pizza Toppings in the UK

1. Pepperoni – Studies show that Pepperoni pizza is amongst the most popular all over the world. It seems meat lovers trump veggies on this one as nearly half all pizzas ordered in the UK include the porky, beefy treat. It is rather delicious.

2. Cheese – So yes, cheese features on the vast majority of pizzas but in spite of criticism from pizza purists who like to load up on toppings, cheese only pizzas remain the 2nd most popular in Britain. Perhaps price plays a part, because margarita and Quattro Formaggi tend to be the cheapest on the menu, but if you find the right cheese pizza, why do you need anything else?

3. Mushrooms – The first of the veggie options, mushrooms are the most popular healthy addition to a pizza, buoyed by its appearance in favourites like Ham and Funghi. Ever versatile shrooms are often added to as an additional topping to both add some bulk and make you feel like you are being a little bit healthy.


4. OnionTalking of healthy, onions are on the most nutritious foods in the world right? In fact, they are said to have healing powers in some quarters, so sticking them on your pizza counteracts any fat/salt content right? Ok, we might be hoping here, but there is no doubting the popularity of onion as a part of many pizza toppings.

5. Ham – Back to the meats and ham is second only to pepperoni in popularity. There are so many different varieties of ham to choose from so what you get is dependent on where you go. Head to an upmarket pizzeria and you might just get some nice speck alongside your rucola. A ham and mushroom pizza is still a quintessential choice for many.


6. Bell Peppers – A personal favourite of mine and it seems like plenty of people. I have seen some uncouth folk pick out the bell peppers from their pizza. Absolute madness! They are a delicious addition to any topping and add a bit of green too. An athlete’s choice.

7. Bacon – A bit like ham really, but crispier. Bacon is a nationwide obsession and a good bacon butty is surely the most popular hangover ‘cure’ in the country. However, we don’t just enjoy our bacon alongside a full English is squished between two pieces of bread. Plenty of us choose to stick it on pizza too.


8. Rucola – Rucola leaves on a pizza is a bit of a recent phenomenon in the UK, but it’s a big favourite in upmarket pizza places across the country and its popularity is growing. Not only is it a tasty addition to any slice, a pizza featuring rucola tends to come out looking very green.  You could almost eat it while on the treadmill.

9. Sausage – Often featuring alongside pepperoni is the more traditional sausage and all the forms in comes in. True hunter-gatherers will always pick a meat feast pizza if they have the choice. Layers of pepperoni, ham, sausages and even mincemeat? It’s enough to put hairs on your chest.


10. Pineapple – I’ll admit it, I don’t really get this one. Pineapple is a desert, it’s odd that someone decided to try it out on a pizza. I wonder what the thought process behind that decision was? Either way, lots of people seemed to be on board with it because ham and pineapple pizzas remain as popular as ever.